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The first Apple launch event of 2018 takes place today (March 27). The education-themed event is being held at Chicago’s Lane Tech College Prep School, and we’re there to see what new products Apple has to show off. 

Apple has been making forays into the classroom for a long time, and with Google’s Classroom initiative ramping things up in that area the Cupertino brand will be keen to respond, so in addition to new hardware we expect to see its new ClassKit framework for educational apps, along with new or refreshed apps for educators and pupils.

The event kicks off at 10am local time (Chicago) today, which means you’re look at 8am PT, 11am ET and 4pm BST, which in Australia is 2am AEDT on Wednesday March 28. 

We’re liveblogging it right here, so you won’t need to go anywhere but TechRadar to get all the latest information on what’s coming next from Apple.

Apple launch event live blog

All times in Central Daylight Time (Chicago)

08.58: I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it into the auditorium if I don’t move away from this food. But I’ll try for you, dear reader.

So, let’s have another think about what today is all about. We know this is going to be an education-focused event, but that makes the narrative quite interesting.

In the US, the Chromebook is making huge waves in the education space and thoroughly eating Apple’s lunch (which, let’s be honest, I would do if it were anywhere as good as this breakfast).

The reason is these are constantly-connected cheap laptops, that offer a keyboard, screen and a place to do your schoolwork. Where these aren’t things that resonate amazingly with consumers, in education they’re perfect.

Google has seized on this to create dashboards and control software that give great power to the school administrators – it might not make money on the hardware (as it doesn’t make it) but it does make money on that platform.

So Apple needs to fight back – and the first thing needed is a cheaper iPad. Once again, it’ll have to fight in the premium space, focusing on the high-end schools where things like interactive apps and more powerful projects can be afforded on a wider scale.

08.40 – My school canteen was nowhere near as adept as this.

08.35 – Starting to wonder if I’ve stumbled into Hogwarts…

08.30 – I’ve arrived at school… which is an odd feeling considering I’m actually at work. Anyway, it’s pretty big.

07.00 – We’re awake! And the Apple Store is down! What does that mean? New hardware is almost guaranteed to be unveiled at the Apple launch event today.

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